Wanting Types,
Demanding Mirrors

Brit Butler

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Death by Complecting

complect -
To join by weaving or twining together; interweave.

My last talk left me thinking about the war between
Static and Dynamic languages.

Also that there have been multiple successful models for building software.

Two startling personal conclusions:

But let's take a brief detour to look at programming today...

On 'Best Practices'

Several times this year, Github has done 100+ deploys/day.

What's a web service without continuous deployment?

Greenspunning Reflection

Other interesting papers...

Back to the Runtime Wars...

Pascal is for building pyramids - imposing, breathtaking, static structures built by armies pushing heavy blocks into place. Lisp is for building organisms...
- Alan Perlis

On Dreams

On Runtimes and Tradeoffs

What it takes to do reflection *right*:

Sic Transit Gloria

How did we get here?

A few possible causes...

Today's Dynamism Kings

Where to next?


Q & A, or...

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