T3: Medley/Util is a Ghetto?

Brit Butler

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About me

Sidebar was my waterloo...

(I'm this one)

A Util Adventure... (CMSMTA-140)

So tampabay's 'Now Playing' widget isn't updating...

Okay. WTF else is hiding in here?

Indiana Jones Time (Code Spelunking, Archaeology)

What are we looking for?

~4000 Lines of Python

~1400 of which are tests

Methodology: sloccount

What gets used a lot?

Preliminary findings: Dead and/or Unused Code

grep -r "[m|t] medley.util" * | cut -d ':' -f 2 | sort | uniq

Preliminary findings: Underused Gems

Be Aware of Util (or else)

Q & A

Ask questions, berate me, challenge me, demand to see code, etc

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