Me, at present

I'm presently working for CMGdigital hacking on a truly massive Django app. I've been at CMGdigital since I graduated from SPSU with a Computer Science degree in May 2011.
Before studying at SPSU, I spent 2008 working full time in IT and self-studying lisp at night. Some of the reasoning behind that decision is here.

Prior to 2008, my academic history includes a semester at Southern Polytechnic State University in Fall 07 studying CS and three years at Oglethorpe University studying Literature and Economics. I’m an Oglethorpe Kid at heart.

Other Things I Do

I write a blog, discussing a curiously strong blend of poetry, music, software, and my personal life.

I write code with the hopes of really understanding programming one day. These days my code exists on github where I contribute to others' open source projects as well as my own.

I listen to tons of music and enjoy working on crazy playlists. I've even had a few of my proper mixtapes played on WREK 91.1fm public radio.

I maintain a twitter account that I check fairly frequently.

I even have one of those silly Facebook accounts.

I started a LinkedIn account a while back which is completely unmaintained. I do, however, have a resume if that's what you're after.

I enjoy playing blues guitar and occasionally even doodle a little in my "studio".

What about this moth-eaten stuff?

Before leaving for SPSU, I was causing trouble at Oglethorpe reading all the books in the library that weren't assigned reading and generally using up huge amounts of bandwidth. I maintain that OU is a really good place to be and I frequent the campus a lot.

I’m a very diligent worker and I get really excited about computers.

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and attended North Atlanta High where I was generally miserable and causing trouble.

If you want to know about anything before that, you're definitely going to have to take me out for coffee to get it out of me.