Know that this page is pretty out of date. Expect an update whenever I get around to it.
The main change is that I purchased a Lenovo X200 with an Ultrabase to replace the Desktop and Laptop and am paying Linode for VPS Hosting.
I also recently (January '10) replaced my aging Nokia 6010 after many years of delay. A sufficiently open smartphone still doesn't exist for me. Maybe Nokia will change that with a Maemo6 based phone. For now, I have a Nexus One.
I am interested in upgrading the Lenovo with an Intel or OCZ Vertex SSD in the near future though. I.e. when SSDs are cheap or I'm rich.
If I'm thinking about upgrading the hard drive though I'll probably want to get one of these.
I am also interested in upgrading my Desktop monitor to a Samsung T240HD when I am rich.
Also the OpenMoko GTA03 just got cancelled. Now what phone will I replace my aging Nokia with?


- IBM Thinkpad A31 - [Ubuntu Linux (Hardy Heron)]
Intel Pentium 4-M 1.6GHz | 512 MB PC 2100
40 GB HDD | ATI Radeon 7500 Mobility 16M | Integrated 10/100 and Wifi


- Main Desktop - [Red Linux (ArchLinux Current Derivative)]
Asus K8V | AMD Athlon64 3000+ (Socket 754) | 1GB PC3200 DDR
2x250 GB Hitachi Deskstars | ATI Radeon 9800 Pro | M-Audio Revolution 7.1
Logitech Z-2100 | BenQ FP222WH


- WWW Server - [Red Linux (ArchLinux Current Derivative)]
Biostar | AMD Duron 1.6 Ghz | 512 MB PC3200 DDR
WD 40 GB HDD | Nvidia Geforce2 MX

Other (media players, cell phones, consoles, etc.)

- OLPC XO build 653
- Samsung Sansa View 16GB
- PS3
- N64 (mostly for the Smash Bros.)
- Nokia 6010 (hopefully to be replaced by a nice shiny new OpenMoko GTA03 or GTA04. Yes, I could be waiting a while.)